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Banyan Security Expands Secure Access to Hybrid Environments With Microsoft Azure Active Directory

May 2021 by Marc Jacob

Banyan Security announced an integration between Banyan Security Zero Trust Remote Access and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), bringing zero trust access controls to users by becoming a secure hybrid access partner. The integration enables organizations to provide secure, one-click access to on-premises web apps, datacenter, and IaaS resources, delivering seamless experiences users have grown accustomed to with SaaS applications.

Organizations are increasingly moving applications and other resources to the cloud, with IT moving users from Exchange servers to Microsoft 365, and legacy on-premises Active Directory to Azure AD. Many organizations also host legacy applications themselves, either on-premises or in datacenters, or have modern apps and services in IaaS. Their users are also spending more time logging into cloud applications and are getting accustomed to a click-button cloud-like experience to access their corporate resources. These users would traditionally use a VPN to get access to their resources when off-site. As many companies experienced over the past year, that can be a painful user experience with all-too-real security issues. Banyan Security allows these organizations to offer their users the cloud-like flow they prefer, while maintaining some of the highest levels of security.

For Windows Server Active Directory customers moving to Azure AD as part of their cloud migration, Banyan Security offers an easy path to incorporate zero trust access without adding management complexity or diminishing end user productivity. As part of the integration, Banyan Security automatically discovers IaaS and datacenter resources, allowing the admin to automate access control upon service creation, cutting out all the manual, time-consuming, and error-prone steps normally associated with providing secure access to users. Services are published to the organization’s Azure Active Directory catalog, so users can securely access these resources under zero trust policies and without requiring a VPN.

Banyan Security Zero Trust Remote Access integration is now available in the Azure AD app gallery.

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