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BT and KPMG report: companies must ’take the fight to the criminals’ - comment from Webroot

July 2016 by David Kennerley, director of threat research at Webroot

A new report released this morning by BT and KPMG has said that companies must ’take the fight to the criminals’ to tackle cybercrime. This is because cybercriminal often works for complex operations akin to businesses, with human resources divisions and budgets for research and development. Following this, please find below comments from David Kennerley, Director of Threat Research at Webroot.

“There is no doubt that cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated. Couple this with the sale and open access of the tools on the dark web needed to launch an attack, and businesses are facing an increasingly complex an often customised threat.

“It is becoming apparent that the battle against the growing number of threats cannot be won by traditional security defences and tools alone.

“Businesses should be turning towards cybersecurity vendors that are using artificial intelligence in an attempt to make sense of the billions of data points collected by endpoint and gateways, scanners and other proactive intelligence systems. Machine learning is able to more quickly distinguish between good and bad behaviour, malicious IPs, websites and files. This means a far greater number of threats can be analysed, before it is passed to human researchers for a deeper analysis.

“Only by using smart threat intelligence solutions will organisations receive the collective intelligence based detection, protection and alerting systems needed to combat the ever-more professional and sophisticated cyber criminals of today.”

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