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BSO and Aplicata partner to provide enhanced cloud storage solutions that meet the challenges of ever-growing audiovisual data

July 2023 by Marc Jacob

BSO announces its partnership with Aplicata, a leading provider of enterprise-class data acceleration solutions. The synergy expands to provide better audiovisual data storage and access benefit. Aplicata’s OptimaCloud Compression provides seamless, cost-effective, low-latency image processing.

The collaborative effort created a powerful storage architecture having dedicated acceleration resources in each storage node. This advanced architecture enables modern organizations to do more with storage while knowing that their storage expenses also cover all the necessary image processing.

Key features of BSO Cloud Object Storage include
● Optimization - Compress images on the fly to reduce their file size your way.
● Comparison - Compare images fast to gain more confidence in your quality metrics
● Transcoding - Convert between HEIC and JPEG or generate BMP images.
● Scaling - Generate all the right image sizes with one low-latency call.
● Filtering - Detect bad images to save on your storage costs.
● Analytics – Analyze images with AI/ML applications.
● Statistics - Obtain performance statistics to help fine-tune applications.

The BSO Cloud Object Storage solution is fully compatible with AWS S3 and OpenStack Swift and offers a clear and cost-effective billing model. With a direct leased line connection for optimal performance and 1 petabyte of storage available around the clock, the solution is designed to help future-proof businesses as they grow.

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