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BSI recognises Corero Network Security as a provider of DDoS defence for critical infrastructure

June 2022 by Patrick LEBRETON

Corero Network Security, a leading provider of real-time, high-performance DDoS cyber defence solutions, has received the BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) DDoS mitigation service provider qualification.

The BSI has recognised the increase in cyber-attacks, both in number and intensity. Cyber breaches can affect any organisation, affecting them not only financially but also damaging reputation and customer trust. To give organisations a better chance of withstanding an attack, BSI recommends that organisations improve their cyber defences by partnering with a service provider with a high level of specialised knowledge. To help organisations make an informed choice BSI has compiled a list of recognised DDoS mitigation service providers, including Corero Network Security.

Qualifying for BSI recognition involved rigorous selection criteria. The audit included a comprehensive technical assessment, where Corero proved their capacity to identify and handle both massive DDOS incursions as well as the smaller, sub-saturation attacks which are becoming an increasingly common threat. A technical review of the DDoS protection solutions was conducted, and all supporting documentation reviewed.

Corero’s mission is to make the internet a safer place by protecting against the downtime and disruption caused by DDoS attacks. Corero is enabling organisations around the globe to maintain business continuity in the event of DDoS attacks, with its award-winning, intelligently automated, SmartWall DDoS protection solution.

As DDoS attacks continue to grow in magnitude, frequency, and sophistication, it is no longer safe to address this growing problem with traditional blackholing or manual interventions. Corero’s real-time automatic approach is the only way to effectively prevent DDoS-downtime as it blocks over 98% of attacks in seconds, with no operator intervention required. Our ongoing market growth is being further propelled by multiple new product enhancements which ensure we continue to do so.

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