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Avanite Introduces New Version of WebData Control to Accelerate Login Times and Enhance User Experience

February 2019 by Marc Jacob

User profile and web data management specialist Avanite has introduced a new version of its core WebData Control solution. It introduces features that further enhance user experience, accelerate login times, and add intelligence to popular profile and user environment management solutions from Citrix, Ivanti, VMware and Liquidware.

New features in the latest version of Avanite’s WebData Control include:

• Browser favourites synchronization: users’ favourites and bookmarks can be synchronized across different browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on a per-browser basis, enhancing users’ experience. Default favourites for users can also be defined.
• Latest OS support: WebData Control is fully compatible with the latest Windows 10 1809 and Windows Server 2019 releases and can adapt to any changes to web data and browser behaviour.
• VMware UEM support: full support has been added for the VMWare User Environment Management product.
• Liquidware ProfileUnity support: full support has been added for the Liquidware ProfileUnity profile management solution.

Avanite’s WebData Control is the only solution that provides management capabilities around browser generated data, giving administrators full control to ensure that only required information is kept. The solution shrinks browser related database files (such as webcachev01.dat) by over 80%, and reduces the number of cookies from typically 10,000-plus to a few hundred. It also reduces the size of users’ network profiles, cutting login times by up 70%, freeing up network storage and bandwidth while ensuring a consistent, positive experience.

According to Avanite, even modest web browsing by users can cause rapid user profile bloat. Browser-generated data can cause a business with 1,000 employees to lose an average of 233 working hours per month in waiting to log on to corporate workspaces. This problem is being exacerbated as organizations migrate to Windows 10, as operating system changes provide fewer options than with previous Windows versions. These problems impact business productivity, and lead to increased calls to IT helpdesks as users react to their PC’s slowdown.

Avanite offers a free WebData Data Analysis tool to gain visibility of the web browser data that resides in organizations’ networks and the issues it is creating. The tool supports all common Windows browsers and shows the storage savings that can be achieved and the number of advertising and tracking cookies that can be removed.

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