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Authlogics has announced the appointment of Gavin Grace as a Business Development Lead

June 2022 by Marc Jacob

Gavin brings to Authlogics more than three decades of experience working in the technology industry, in senior strategic, operational and growth roles at organisations including Hewlett Packard and IBM. A proven problem solver, Gavin is focused on helping organisation to leverage new technologies that deliver tangible value to a business.

Bracknell-based Authlogics has a global customer-base and a strong partner network, based on its approach to simple and secure start to finish authentication. Gavin adds: "Authlogics has been growing rapidly in the UK, across mainland Europe, the U.S and Middle East. There is a huge potential for the company to grow and quickly. My role is to ensure we realise this vast global opportunity and strengthen our UK ventures."

Authlogics provide a complete authentication solution that is quick to deploy and easy to use. Authlogics believes that the move away from password-based authentication is inevitable which is why the company is delivering real customer-ready solutions today towards going passwordless.

· Reduce the complexity of existing passwords

· Ensure regulatory compliance

· Remove risk and replace passwords

· Provide passwordless and deviceless login options

Authlogics believes that increasing password security shouldn’t have to mean compromising simplicity. The Authlogics product suite offers users a complete, three-step solution for transitioning to modern authentication processes. From its unique password compliance solution (Password Security Management), through to the award-winning Multi-Factor Authentication technologies, to enabling users with a completely passwordless environment, Authlogics enhances network security whilst maintaining an easy and uniform user experience, whether on mobile, desktop, or cloud.

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