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Atos and OVHcloud strengthen their partnership by leveraging Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield

November 2021 by Marc Jacob

Atos expands its recently announced Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield initiative by extending its existing partnership with OVHcloud, with new combined offerings and joint research and development. The two European cloud leaders will provide a market-leading sovereign cloud solution for large French organizations.

Both companies have an ambitious plan for the coming months and years, which builds on their previous commitment to create a trusted cloud solution for French organizations. This combination maximizes Atos’ global strategic initiative Atos OneCloud and its recently announced Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield, which supports the digital and data sovereignty needs of governments and industries worldwide, and combines them together with OVHcloud’s innovative public cloud solution based on sovereign European infrastructure.

Market-leading sovereign cloud solutions

OVHcloud and Atos will set-up a Public Cloud solution to be rolled out in Atos’ datacenters in France to offer a best-in-class 100% European cloud platform, leveraging OVHcloud Datacenter as-a-Service to enable IaaS and PaaS capabilities, combined with Atos bare metal, cybersecurity, and decarbonization solutions.

Atos customers will get access to hybrid cloud configurations through combining OVHcloud Public Cloud with the Atos Digital Hybrid Cloud solution for Private Cloud. The joined offering will allow customers to benefit from public cloud capabilities, fully sovereign cloud management services, complete regulatory compliance, and world-class cybersecurity protection.

A joint initiative has been launched to investigate how OVHcloud customers in France will also benefit from the Atos’ datacenters’ footprint, to offer its customers cloud solutions close to their activities. With more than 20 years of experience building datacenter facilities, manufacturing servers, and operating an extensive catalog of IaaS and PaaS services, OVHcloud offers various Datacenter as-a-Service solutions. Companies that must respond to strategic, economic, technological, or operational sovereignty issues, whether local or European, can control their technology by leveraging Datacenter-as-a-Service on and off premise, allowing them to define how to operate and deploy their cloud.

Augmented by Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield solutions and OVHcloud’s SecNumCloud qualification, this partnership creates a unique trusted cloud service. This approach is completely unique on the market as it combines both Atos and OVHcloud products and services, addressing public sector and defense requirements for true sovereign solutions while creating new levers for clients, to accelerate their transformation to the cloud.

Atos’ Quantum computing simulator collaboration and shared Decarbonization ambitions

In addition, Atos and OVHcloud are collaborating on new joint R&D initiatives for future evolutions of their platforms:
• Atos and OVHcloud aim to enrich the OVHcloud BareMetal solutions catalog by setting up proof of concepts integrating Atos BullSequana S servers, optimized for SAP and critical workloads.
• The Atos Quantum computing simulation technology, with its Quantum Learning Machine, will be tested by OVHcloud as-a-Service in the OVHcloud Datacenter. The aim is to offer researchers and students an access to quantum computing.

OVHcloud will contribute to Atos’ commitment to deliver Decarbonization Level Agreements by providing carbon emission reporting for sustainable cloud computing, including the joint Atos and OVHcloud solutions.

In the same logic, OVHcloud customers will be able to directly access the Atos MyC02Compass carbon data platform to accelerate their net-zero ambitions. Atos MyC02Compass provides carbon data management and reporting across a wide range of digital technologies and all scopes of customers’ carbon footprint.

Atos and OVHcloud are both founding and current Board members of GAIA‑X, the European Association for the future cloud-edge infrastructure in Europe.

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