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Ashley Madison Data Dump - Comment from Webroot

August 2015 by Webroot

Following the news that hackers have dumped the personal details of more than a million Ashley Madison users, please find the below comment from George Anderson, director at cybersecurity firm Webroot.

“This is definitely a unique cybercriminal act, one that I’m sure is very controversial amongst readers. But what’s more worrying is what they are not releasing and instead using as blackmail. I don’t think this is just a sophisticated ‘kiss ‘n tell’. There is a desire to hurt people here and that’s sick as well as being criminal. Whilst readers’ morals may conflict either seeing this group of hackers as good or bad guys, the fact remains that the Impact Team illegally obtained sensitive personal info. I’d imagine the fall-out is divorces, firings and blackmail – really personally malicious and upsetting stuff. There are no moral judgments on this except the immorality of hackers. So the ‘what now?’ is pretty nasty and the site users will probably be considering a class action for negligence.

All companies, especially those dealing with proprietary information or customer data – must balance their security resources against their risk tolerance, and look at threat intelligence solutions that provide them with the greatest scope of protection.

For the consumers, when posting personal information online, despite the best security of you and the site, it is good to make sure you’re okay with this data becoming public record. If not, consider not posting it.”

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