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ArrowSphere, the success of a unique platform

September 2020 by ArrowSphere

The ArrowSphere platform was created in order to harmonise and simplify relations between cloud computing vendors, ecosystem channel customers and end users. And it’s becoming increasingly successful.

Whether channel customers are starting out in the cloud or they’re already major players, ArrowSphere by Arrow Electronics provides the functionalities and offering they need to develop and differentiate their business. From billing and consolidated analyses to self-service portals that can be personalised for their customers, to deep Application Programming Interface (API) integrations, the platform boosts digital transformation and growth.

In order to give transparent access to the main technology providers through a unique platform, Arrow has established solid worldwide collaboration with the main cloud providers such as Alibaba, AWS, IBM, and Microsoft. In total, around fifty services are available. In 2019, Arrow was recognised as the Indirect Provider of the Year by Microsoft. Also last year, IDC recognised ArrowSphere as one of the best cloud marketplaces in North America.

Identifying new sources of revenue

Arrow generates a turnover of around 30 billion USD. ArrowSphere is available in 27 countries (EMEA, North America and Australia) and is growing rapidly. It has now chalked up over 11,000 customers and more than 4 million end customers!

‘With ArrowSphere, we’re presenting an offering that’s very attractive to the entire channel community’, highlights Stéphanie Benisty, Head of Cloud, EMEA, Arrow Electronics. Providing cloud services is complex. It requires considerable expertise and time to manage multiple workflows across different cloud service providers, implement complicated ordering and provisioning protocols, and reconcile disparate billing systems. It can be challenging for channel customers to get beyond daily operational requirements.

ArrowSphere is designed to change that. Our award-winning cloud aggregation and management platform is uniquely engineered to streamline the connection between cloud vendors, the channel ecosystem, and end customers. Rather than worry about daily needs, ArrowSphere allows resellers to invest more energy in finding new customers or expanding current partnerships.’

Supporting channel customers’ cloud operations

Arrow’s customers can also take advantage of ArrowSphere as a white label turnkey solution with the easy-to-use MyCloud Portal. It is a secure web site that allows end users to order cloud services directly from the reseller. The site is customized with the reseller’s own branding and the channel customer has full control over the catalog, including pricing and promotion rules by customer. They can even add their own services and create product bundles.

ArrowSphere allows customers to purchase in the same way, based on the same experience and following the same buying journey. The platform makes it easy fo resellers to see discounts, manage margins, and quickly create quotes. They can effortlessly turn quotes into orders as ArrowSphere handles all the complexity of provisioning each cloud service with the individual vendor. ArrowSphere is designed to support the growth of cloud operations at each key stage of its life cycle.
It’s the ideal one-stop shop to support channel customers’ cloud operations by offering them the reliability, flexibility and peace of mind required in order to make each of their customers’ cloud journeys a success.

It’s very easy to explore the services. Using ArrowSphere’s powerful and intuitive search engine, channel customers can search for and discover cloud products (over 25,000 of them are available worldwide). Intelligent catalogue filtering improves visualisation, displaying the search results by vendor, category, add-on, trial or category of customer. The results can then be filtered according to popularity, in alphabetical order or by price according to how relevant they are.

ArrowSphere, a Single Pane of Glass

ArrowSphere is extremely easy to use. ArrowSphere is a Single Pane of Glass, in other words a management console presenting data from several sources in a unified display.

Customers can purchase cloud services, manage their subscriptions or analyse their usage of the services by setting budgets and thresholds for use.

ArrowSphere offers various tools to improve management. With FinOps, ArrowSphere offers an integrated dashboard to monitor cloud operations in real time. In concrete terms, this means displaying monthly trends for Infrastructure as a Service by customer, focusing in on the subscription levels in order to set alerts and obtain data on projected usage or analyse the loss of subscribers for SaaS products. Arrow’s FinOps tools provide a smart control panel for sales teams to track customers’ operations, understand business trends and make the right decisions.

End-user customers haven’t been forgotten

As for DevOps, new development operations tools allow users to orchestrate their Iaas (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and their Paas (Platform-as-a-Service). The Microsoft ARM and AWS CloudFormation templates are available to provision resources. Users can choose between a library of existing templates, customise them or add a third-party solution.

End-user customers haven’t been forgotten. Resellers can deliver the value of ArrowSphere directly to their end customers with our easy-to-use MyCloud Portal. The portal’s online reporting and analytics tools empower end customers to manage their own subscriptions and monitor consumption. Other features like role-based user permissions and ordering rules allow resellers to further tailor MyCloud Portal to their unique needs.

Arrow is constantly expanding its portfolio of vendors, cloud services and tools available on ArrowSphere. For channel customers with a strong online presence, Arrow provides a full set of open APIs, as well as a Software Development Kit. They cover every front and back office feature of ArrowSphere, so customers can seamlessly integrate and further customize.

Access to all Arrow’s resources

Building on its success, Arrow doesn’t intend to stop there. Arrow is committed to maintaining ArrowSphere’s position as the leading cloud aggregation and management platform. This means that Arrow customers’ business will always be prepared to support the next innovation in cloud.

Arrow continues to make significant investments in new functionalities, with plans to drive continuous improvement at all levels, from design and delivery to management and billing.

‘We are continuously investing in technology, people, and services in order to remain on the leading edge of digital transformation, explains Stéphanie Benisty. Our corporate expertise and resources are at the full disposal of our channel ecosystem.Through Arrow, customers have access to everything from marketing support to financial services to technical advice. Our goal is to help plug gaps and assist resellers in building a thriving business.’

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