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Army Welfare Housing Organization Secured their Multistoried Premises with Matrix Elevator based Access Control solution

June 2018 by Marc Jacob

Army Welfare Housing Organization (AWHO) embarked on a historic journey to construct houses for serving/retired Army personnel and their widows in selected stations throughout the country. Today, AWHO’s presence is visible across the length and breadth of India. During the last 38 years, the organization has constructed approx. 29,000 dwelling units in 93 projects at various stations and is in the process of constructing more than 6,000 dwelling units at 14 stations, while 6,076 dwelling units are under planning at eight stations.

Project Highlights:
Application: Elevator Access Control
Users: 400+
Devices: 30
Locations: India (Single Location)
Industry: Construction


One of the AWHO townships located at Indore faced difficulties in monitoring visitors and keeping watch over the movement of maids and drivers in the multistoried building. Protection of the residents and their valuables from intruders was one of the concerns for them. AWHO also wanted a combined solution of elevator based access control to restrict user/floor wise access in the buildings.

Solution Offered:

In order to overcome the challenges, Matrix offered its Elevator based Access Control solution which allows access and entry in the elevator using biometric or RFID card credential, only to authorized residents. As soon as user shows his/her enrolled credentials to the reader installed inside the elevator, floor buttons which are accessible will be enabled. Thus, monitoring and controlling user access was made easy with Matrix Elevator based Access Control.

• Easy Living with Fully Automated Elevator based Access Control solution
• Controlled and Monitored Access of Users for Enhanced Security of the Residents

The Products
Product Quantity Description
COSEC PATH DCFE 14 Fingerprint and in-built Card based Door Controller with PoE and IP65
COSEC ARC IO800 14 8 Door input and output controller to control inputs and outputs of third party devices to perform multiple applications.
COSEC PANEL LITE 2 Control Panel to Support Multiple Door Controllers for Advance Features

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