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Archive Factory : An ultra-secure data storage service, designed for Cloud Computing

April 2011 by Marc Jacob

Archive Factory© is a “Cloud” platform dedicated to secure archiving, and even ”ultra secure” by a new system for strong authentication. The proposed solution is the result of a partnership between Archives Factory© (Cloud Platform Private), HDS (Software and hardware solutions) and Ikoula (IaaS Experts).

Daniel Gouacide (CEO)

GSM : Can you present the main activities of Archives Factory© ?

Daniel Gouacide (CEO) : Archive Factory© is the first Electronic Archiving System (EAS) 100% Cloud Computing (Private community). It significantly optimizes documents storage costs.

GSM : Quels sont les produits clés d’Archives Factory© ?

Daniel Gouacide : En parallèle, nous poursuivons notre démarche de très forte sécurisation de notre plateforme : Authentification forte via une solution innovante et simple à déployer, limitation du recours à la virtualisation, surprotection des données, grande disponibilité de la plateforme, respect des normes sécuritaires et audit permanent de notre environnement technique. Enfin, notre solution inclut, un outil de Gestion Electronique de Documents (GED) parmi les plus complets du marché ainsi que des modules workflow métier paramétrables et indépendants.

GSM : What are the key products Factory© Archives ?

Daniel Gouacide : We chose not to confine ourselves in a niche but we rather aim to answer all the problems of archiving our customers. We’re very focused on our core solutions for secure archiving : archiving of electronic invoices, payslips, account statements, bank notices, multi-media documents, data tracking, and so on... Also, we continue our work in “ultra securization” of our platform. We use a new strong authentication system wich is very simple deploy in B2C mode. We control the use of virtualization, the high availability of the platform and its compliance. We are ready for all security audit of our technical environment. Finally, our solution includes tools for Electronic Document Management (EDM) and business workflow management.

Jacques Barbier

GSM : Which customer segments are you targeting?

Jacques Barbier (Commercial Director) : All businesses have many documents to manage. But the most important thing is to target the correct interlocutors of the company. In this context, we have an appropriate technical and financial response to each business.
They are recognized as originals by the judges, in case of litigation.

GSM : You launched your offer in the beginning of 2011, what kind of needs can be solved by this solution ?

Daniel Gouacide : As an archiving service provider, Archives© Factory can certify that your data has not been altered after their deposit. If the data are natively generated in electronic form (directly from an ERP, for example), they are then archived with a ”legal” value and have the same value as their paper counterparts. They are recognized as “originals” by the judges, in case of litigation.

GSM : How are you help your customers ?

Jacques Barbier : Upstream, we make sure the understanding of clients problematic and that they have understood our entire archiving process : capture, indexing, securization (replication, backup, …). After, our project approach, in the client information system or in the platform, ensures the proper implementation of the solution. Finally, we manage the lifecycle of documents and we provide support, maintenance and testing disaster recovery. In short, a complete offer, end to end.

GSM : How is your business network ?

Jacques Barbier : We market our offers on two axes : 1) Small and Medium Businesses through our sales team. 2) Big Business through our network of partners.

GSM : How is organized your support teams in France and Europe ?

Daniel Gouacide : Our call center is localized at Evry (91) and provides direct first level support (technical and commercial). If necessary, it appeals to teams specialized in "infrastructure" located at Reims (51) and to teams specialized in "platform" located at Antony (92).

GSM : Finally what would be your message to your customers and security managers and IS managers ?

Daniel Gouacide : Three essential information : 1) The outsourcing of archiving "legal" of sensitive data allows a strong reduction in overhead and IT costs as part of treatment "business" customer data (Web Services Business) . 2) Our Cloud Computing infrastructure allows us to considerably reduce our costs and therefore our prices expressed "on consumption". 3) Our key priorities: data security and confidentiality of information.

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