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American Express and Rambus Join Forces on Secure Global E-commerce Tokenization

October 2018 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Rambus Inc and American Express Australia announced a new collaboration to help merchants enrich and secure e-commerce and m-commerce transactions with tokenization.

Rambus Token Gateway will enable global online merchants, payment service providers and acquirers to securely connect to the American Express Token Service and tokenize card-on-file e-commerce transactions.

Because the American Express tokenization services have been integrated at the platform level in the Rambus Token Gateway, merchants will have access to all the current American Express capabilities along with new features as they are added, all without significant ad-hoc or custom work required.

- Customer convenience and confidence - Consumers no longer need to update card details following a card reissue, reducing frustration. Knowing that their card details are not shared with merchants will also increase trust and the number of consumers willing to shop online safely and securely.

- Quick time to market - Merchants reduce the need for end-to-end development activities and can launch a token-on-file initiative more quickly.

- Reduced fraud - Real card account numbers are replaced with tokens that are more secure and may help lower the risk of fraud.

- PCI compliancy - As merchants don’t have to store vulnerable data, their payment card industry (PCI) compliancy requirements are limited.

- Flexibility - Merchants can engage with payment service providers or acquirers of their choice while still benefiting from e-commerce tokenization.

- Single interface - Token Gateway provides a single interface to connect with all contracted token service providers, supporting a variety of messaging interfaces.

Merchants across the globe are able to benefit from this joint collaboration immediately.

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