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AlgoSec has released the version A30.10

April 2020 by Marc Jacob

AlgoSec has released the version A30.10 update of its core Network Security Management Suite, which offers new cloud security management capabilities and a range of enhanced features that further extend its technology ecosystem integrations.

The AlgoSec Security Management Suite (ASMS) A30.10 builds on A30’s market-leading automation capabilities to enable seamless, zero-touch security management across SDN, cloud and on-premise networks. This gives enterprises the most comprehensive visibility and control over security across their entire hybrid environment.

Key features in ASMS A30.10 include:

• Extended support for Cisco ACI, Tetration and FirePower
ASMS A30.10 offers enhanced support for Cisco solutions, including AlgoSec AppViz integration with Cisco Tetration, giving enhanced application visibility and network auto-discovery to dramatically accelerate identification and mapping of the network attributes and rules that support business-critical applications. The update also extends Cisco ACI Network Map modeling and Visibility. AlgoSec provide accurate and detailed traffic simulation query results and enables accurate intelligent automation for complex network security changes.

ASMS now also provides Baseline Compliance reporting for Cisco Firepower devices. AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer Administrators can select a specific baseline profile, either the one provided by AlgoSec out-of-the box, a modified version, or they can create their own custom profile.

• Enhanced automation for F5 AFM and Juniper Junos Space
ASMS A30.10 provides enhanced automation through FireFlow support for F5 AFM devices and several Juniper Junos Space enhancements including:
 ActiveChange support for Junos Space: ActiveChange enables users to automatically implement work order recommendations via the Juniper Junos Space integration, directly from FireFlow.
 Enhances Granularity support of Virtual Routers, VRFs, and Secure Wires for a greater level of route analysis and accurate automation design.

• Technology ecosystem openness
ASMS A30.10 offers increased seamless migrations to virtual appliances, AlgoSec hardware appliances, or Amazon Web Services/Microsoft Azure instances. Easy device relocation also enables system administrators on distributed architectures to relocate devices across nodes.

The update carries ASMS API improvements, including enhanced Swagger support, enabling the execution of API request calls and access lists of request parameters directly from Swagger.

ASMS A30.10 also introduces new graphs and dashboards in the AlgoSec Reporting Tool (ART), which have an executive focus.

• New multi-cloud capabilities
ASMS A30.10 offers streamlined access to CloudFlow, providing instant visibility, risk detection, and mitigation for cloud misconfigurations and simplifies network security policies with central management and cleanup capabilities.

AlgoSec’s ASMS A30.10 is generally available.

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