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AlgoSec Enhances Cisco ACI Automation & Application Visibility to Strengthen SDN and Cloud Security Management

September 2019 by Marc Jacob

AlgoSec has introduced extended support for Cisco ACI SDN deployments, and enhanced application visibility and network auto-discovery features in the new version of its core Network Security Management Suite.

The new AlgoSec A30 release delivers new automation capabilities that enable seamless, zero-touch security management across SDN, cloud and on-premise networks. This gives enterprises the most comprehensive visibility and control over security across their entire hybrid environment.

Key new features in AlgoSec security management suite version A30 include:

• Extended support for Cisco ACI
AlgoSec security management A30 delivers full end-to-end automation of security change management processes for Cisco ACI environments – from planning, risk and compliance checks, to deployment directly onto the device – with zero touch, in a fully automated and secured workflow. Security and IT teams can create new contracts and filters directly on Cisco APIC.

• Enhanced business-driven application visibility and network auto-discovery
AlgoSec security management A30 features the new AppViz add-on, which enhances application visibility and network auto-discovery to dramatically accelerate identification and mapping of the network attributes and rules that support business-critical applications. This speeds up organizations’ ability to make changes to their applications across any heterogeneous on-premise and cloud platform, and to troubleshoot network and change management issues across the entire enterprise environment – ensuring continuous security and compliance.

• Automatically push network-wide policy changes with AppChange
AlgoSec’s new AppChange add-on is available in A30, which automatically updates network security policy changes on all relevant devices across the entire hybrid enterprise network, realizing significant time savings for IT and security teams and eliminating manual errors.

• Security zone enhancements
AlgoSec security management A30 enables teams to easily visualize network security zones, and to select risk profiles for each zone to support decision-making for both application owners and security managers. This makes application provisioning and deployment easier, and accelerates planning and implementing network micro-segmentation strategies to enhance security network-wide.

The AlgoSec Security Management Suite version A30 is generally available.

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