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Alcopa Deploys Box in 20 Countries to Power Cloud Content Management

April 2018 by Marc Jacob

Box Inc. announced that Alcopa has moved its workforce to Box. Alcopa is a Belgium-based, global investment firm specializing in automotive and motorcycle import, distribution and retail. It employs over 2,300 people across more than 20 countries, and comprises over 90 individual companies.

“We work with up to 5,000 external partners across our dealerships who share and collaborate on documents around the world,” said Stijn Stabel, Head of Architecture and Innovation at Alcopa. “Box is an important part of our integrated cloud-first strategy, and has helped to power an entirely new way of managing content at Alcopa.”

“Alcopa is a leader in its industry, operating in multiple countries with thousands of collaborators,” said Tom Addis, senior vice president and general manager of global operations at Box. “The IT team is delivering a modern way for employees and partners to work in a smarter way, and we’re thrilled to help power their digital transformation.”

Since 2016, Alcopa has been using Box to:

Enable secure collaboration between internal and external partners Bridge the gap between the technology employees use at home and what they use at work, responding to the workplace shift towards mobile
Transition from on-premise Network File System to power pure cloud content management
Provide additional security around content by deploying Box Governance Safely store and provide remote access to technical information on hundreds of vehicles and customers in its supply chain
Mitigate duplication and loss of work through document version control on Box Act as the content layer for existing cloud technology-stack
Drive compliance for different legislations such as GDPR

“After 80 years of business, Alcopa’s data was primarily non-digital and difficult to work with. Now that the data has been migrated into Box, we’re excited about the potential to do more with that information with future Box products such as Box Skills,” said Stijn. “Extracting added insights from our content through AI will be immensely useful for our business.”

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