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Airport employees prefer palm vein recognition

October 2021 by Patrick LEBRETON

BioSec Group Ltd.’s palm vein recognition based system is currently being tested in several European airports, where fingerprint recognition has been used so far. After the end of the four-month test period, the airports conducted a survey among the users to get a more comprehensive feedback about the system. The reports have found that the employees not only like the palm vein recognition based system, but they also prefer it more than the previously used fingerprint recognition solutions.

According to the surveys, BioSec’s palm vein recognition based solution is highly popular among the employees. When asked if they would like to use the system in their daily work rather than the actual fingerprint system, 82,18% answered with “yes”. Compared to the previously used fingerprint recognition solution, in total 46,53% of the respondents found the system “more advanced” and 35,64% chosen “significantly more advanced”. The reports have also highlighted another strength of BioSec, providing high security without compromising convenience with 52,48% of the respondents said the system is “very easy to use” and 46,53% chosen “easy to use”. The study also showed that BioSec’s Triple1 line-up was a great decision, which was also confirmed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The product line was launched in 2018 to revolutionise biometric access control based on palm vein recognition. The “Triple” products have a modular design, which perfectly adapt to the most diversified needs, without compromising security or convenience. The product name is also not by accident, “Triple” refers to three versions of the access control devices, which can be all used contactless, with finger rest and in full hand rest versions. With the appearance of the Coronavirus, the contactless version proved to be a hit, which was also confirmed by the survey, with 90,10% of the respondents found the contactless option “very useful”.

Besides providing a flexible solution for all user needs, BioSec’s palm vein recognition based system ensures a highly secure, simple to use and convenient alternative to traditional access control solutions. Whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, with a few users or hundreds of thousands of users, the BioSec system provides an outstanding level of security with a wave of the hand.

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