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Adit Jain, CEO of Leena AI Commentary: Meta and Microsoft’s AI Won’t Be the Best

August 2023 by Adit Jain, CEO of Leena AI

A,the hot topic in tech this summer, is only getting hotter (scarier)
with the Meta and Microsoft release of their business-focused AI

and that only got hotter (scarier?) when Meta and Microsoft released
their business focused AI software.

The big question : _Should we really trust major corporations to develop
high end, ethical AI technology?_

Meta and Microsoft are no strangers to data leaks and privacy issues
– does having AI involved in Microsoft Office make sense?

Adit Jain, CEO of Leena AI believes there are better companies to adopt AI
from than those politically motivated.

“The open-source community has 100 times more power than Microsoft and
Meta combined. These two mega-companies are constrained by their size,
rigid hierarchies, and immovable structures. Open source transcends all
organizational structure,, enabling larger reach and faster response
times to tech innovations– including AI. The open-source community’s
level of impact is way more powerful than just two large companies
coming together.”

Leena AI recently introduced a similar software called WorkLM™, a
large language model that uses cutting-edge generative AI to produce
human-like responses in context and can be used for a variety of tasks
– from auto-completing email to generating detailed reports and
recommending strategies based on existing business performance data.

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