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AdaptiveMobile releases intelligence report detailing how new Grey Route approaches to exploit operator revenues are appearing across the globe

November 2015 by AdaptiveMobile

AdaptiveMobile has released a new report entitled ‘Turning Grey into Gold – AdaptiveMobile Threat Intelligence Unit Analysis on Recapturing A2P Messaging Revenue,’ revealing that mobile operators worldwide are missing out on millions of dollars per annum due to A2P (application-to-person) SMS bypass fraud. These findings come after AdaptiveMobile was commissioned to undertake real-time analysis of networks in every region of the globe.

Grey route traffic is extremely resilient; it’s pervasive nature and ability to continuously find new ways to enter networks makes it harder for operators to detect and gain control of these routes. Through analyses of network data collected across five continents, AdaptiveMobile has verified that A2P SMS bypass fraud is significantly affecting operator revenue opportunities and will continue to grow until a security solution is put in place. A CAGR of 127% is predicted for the Enterprise A2P Messaging Market by 2020, making it worth $7.5 billion USD and a considerable challenge for operators around the globe. AdaptiveMobile’s report details how one African operator was able to recapture more than $44 million USD per annum through deployment of the Company’s Grey Route Controls Service.

“Every day, operators are being exposed to financial exploitation of their networks.” said Cathal Mc Daid, Head of AdaptiveMobile’s Threat Intelligence Unit. “Grey routes are omnipresent – every single operator worldwide is affected by varying degrees of this issue – and a comprehensive security solution should be deployed to detect and block suspicious A2P activity, without infringing on legitimate A2P and P2P (person to person) messages."

AdaptiveMobile’s report highlights the primary areas of revenue loss as Inbound Grey Routes and Outbound SIM Banks and outlines the privacy and security concerns facing top brands should this challenge be left unresolved. The financial exploitation arising from a lack of A2P messaging protection can be protected through grey routes control solutions. AdaptiveMobile’s solution is unique as it enables multiple business models to manage grey routes, detecting and blocking where the grey route moves, ultimately protecting the operator and allowing them to achieve maximum revenue.

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