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Acer reportedly targeted with $50 million ransomware attack - Comment from Webroot

March 2021 by Kelvin Murray, Senior Threat Research Analyst at Webroot

Acer reportedly been hit by a REvil ransomware attack, with the culprits demanding $50 million from the company. According to Bleeping Computer, the ransomware gang reportedly breached Acer and shared some images of allegedly stolen files as proof on its website over the weekend.

Kelvin Murray, Senior Threat Research Analyst at Webroot explain:

“This was no doubt a meticulously planned attack which involved target research, professional hacking and uncrackable encryption. As with the majority of ransomware attacks nowadays, this attack also involved data theft and the REvil gang has since taunted Acer on a message posted on a data leak website with images of stolen documents.

Fifty million dollars is a huge ransom demand, but when the victim is a high-profit business, then the world’s top ransomware gangs can afford to be cocky with their demands too.

As ransomware gangs continue to be more inventive with the types of data and businesses they target, this should serve as a lesson to all organisations to keep adequate technical defences in place to ensure cyber resilience – including threat intelligence technologies, up-to-date software and operating systems and proper employee education. Businesses should also have a good back up strategy, data recovery and roll back plans in place to alleviate the impact of any data loss.”

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