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Acalvio Releases ShadowPlex™ Distributed Deception Platform

April 2017 by Marc Jacob

Acalvio™ Technologies, an innovator in Advanced Threat Defense, is announcing the immediate availability of ShadowPlex™, a comprehensive, distributed deception platform which provides early, accurate and cost-effective detection of breaches and insider threats. ShadowPlex is built on Acalvio’s patented Deception 2.0 technology, representing a fundamental architectural advancement that delivers scale, automation and authenticity with low IT impact. ShadowPlex is designed for flexible deployment on premises, private clouds and public clouds. The platform has pre-built integration with major security information event management (SIEM) systems for delivering comprehensive threat intelligence.

The market for deception technology is projected to reach $2.12 billion globally by the end of 2021, according to Research and Markets’ Global Deception Technology Market report. This demonstrates the need for deception security technology across organizations.

Specific ShadowPlex benefits include:

- Effective Deception: Acalvio’s data science-driven FluidDeceptionTM automatically presents attackers with a comprehensive environment of realistic and non-fingerprintable decoys, lures baits and breadcrumbs that blend in with an organization’s actual network and assets. Service ReflectionTM, an exclusive Acalvio Deception 2.0 innovation, enables custom applications to be easily included in the deception fabric.
- Flexible Deployment: DevOps for DeceptionTM dramatically reduces the cost of operation compared to first generation deception products by dynamically and automatically deploying the most effective and relevant deceptions. By delivering deception in and from the cloud, organizations can easily implement dynamic deceptions wherever their assets are deployed.
- Scalability: DeceptionFarmsTM simplify the management of distributed deceptions across network topologies, leveraging patented ProjectionPointsTM in order to circumvent traditional obstacles in gaining L2 visibility. Acalvio’s solution does not require access to trunk or span ports and costly infrastructure changes.
- Low IT Impact: ShadowPlex’s unique integration of FluidDeception and DevOps for Deception, dramatically lowers the cost of operation. The platform simultaneously increases efficacy, when compared to first generation deception products, by dynamically and automatically deploying the most effective and relevant deceptions.

ShadowPlex is the next generation deception solution in the industry. It alleviates inherent structural limitations of Deception 1.0 solutions and represents a quantum leap in architecture and innovation. The solution delivers improved detection efficacy, flexible, cost-effective and improved threat intelligence.

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