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AV-Comparatives 2017 Test & Review of Mac antivirus and security software

August 2017 by AV-Comparatives

The independent security software tester AV-Comparatives released the 2017 Mac Security Test & Review. Nine popular Mac antivirus are tested and reviewed. The user interface is reviewed in a seven questions format to picture ease of use. Seven Mac antivirus solutions met the high protection rates required for certification.

Relevance of Mac antivirus software

The closed Apple ecosystem reduces the risk of malware. This does not mean that Mac users are immune to adware, spyware and phishing. Phishing does not have to attack an operating system to do harm. Financial and personal data are easier targets with a higher reward. The security model of Apple hardware reduces the number of malware samples found in the wild. We used 687 malicious Mac that we collected in 2017. Most Mac users are over-confident and think they need no antivirus protection on Macs.

Why take the risk, with excellent Mac antivirus software available?

The recent FruitFly malware spied on Mac users through their own webcams. This malware infected Mac systems from Yosemite until recent macOS Sierra. The probability of Mac malware may be lower, but the impact for victims is the same. So why take the risk – download the report from our website: http://av-comparatives.us5.list-man...

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