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ABTA data breach - comment from CEO of Egress

March 2017 by Tony Pepper, co-founder and CEO of Egress

Following the news that the website of travel organisation ABTA has just suffered a data breach, Tony Pepper, co-founder and CEO of Egress, comments:

"This breach not only highlights how important it is for businesses to have effective defences in place, but also the need for extra vigilance when outsourcing its security responsibilities to third-party vendors. It’s one thing to be confident that you’re ticking all the right boxes, but it’s another to assume that other businesses are being just as thorough.

"Although the data stolen from ABTA’s website may not be enough to result in a serious identity breach, it’s a sobering reminder that consumers and businesses alike must protect confidential information. A quick response is also crucial here: customers should change their passwords to be on the safe side, as well as pay close attention to their emails and make sure, before opening attachments or clicking links, they are what they purport to be."

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