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A New Cyber Dawn – Introduction of Paratus

September 2019 by Marc Jacob

Sequrest Ltd announce that it has established its dedicated cooperation with Sequrest Paratus OÜ (‘Paratus’) within the European Union. Paratus will manage all cyber security matters on behalf of Sequrest, including its Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) on-line cyber security management system, Paratus. This includes all work for key partnerships across the commercial and public sector.

The support of all clients will transfer from Sequrest to Paratus in September. From October, the monthly Cyber Security Intelligence Reports will be generated by Paratus, using the same team of experts. Full details of Paratus are on

Paratus will be managed by the same Sequrest team, together with an additional team in Tallinn, Estonia. Tallinn is the centre of cyber excellence, and the EU, NATO and the Baltic States have all established their principal cyber centres there.

To reflect this change, Commander David Palmer OBE has been promoted to Managing Director of Sequrest Ltd, with Robert McClure moving to become Managing Director of Sequrest Paratus OÜ.

Sequrest will continue to manage all key public and government defence interfaces.

For all their valued clients, Sequrest and Paratus will ensure there is no change in client relationship, and that change of structure will only enhance their future relationship.

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