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24 October Paris: The CADIM (Active Directory and Identity Management Community) presents the first edition of the Identity Days

June 2019 by Marc Jacob

The first edition of the Identity Days will take place on Thursday, October the 24th 2019. Upon the event, more than 20 conferences will be held by IAM experts in the Espace Saint Martin. This unique event in France will be kicked off by Sylvain Cortès, MVP Microsoft, chairman of the CADIM and organizer of the event.

“The members of the CADIM and I have been deploring for several years the lack of community-based IAM events. We are glad that, this year, we were able to gather the active members of the association to set this event.”

The Identity Days are Meant to allow the participants to exchange about the many outlook and opportunities brought by the IAM and about the ways these technologies should be integrated at the core of a company digital strategy. With a global revenue of 8.85 billion dollars in 2017 and foreseen to reach 22.68 in 2025, the IAM market is growing fast and keeps on innovating.

The event will conduct in the following way: After a welcoming breakfast and a kick-off, the participants will be invited to take part in different lectures based on four main themes throughout the day.
At the end of the day, every participant, partner and speaker will gather to end the 1rst edition of the event.

Information and ticket office (coming soon):

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