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Unsubscribe Secures $14 Million Series A Round for its Network-Based Data Discovery, Privacy and Security Platform

June 2020 by Marc Jacob, a provider of data discovery, privacy, and security solutions, announced it has secured a $14 million Series A round from leading investors, including National Grid Partners (NGP) and Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP). Additional investors include, Connecticut Innovations, Mindset Ventures, and Ocean Azul Partners. will use the investment to increase the company’s RD and field presence. Pradeep Tagare, vice-president at NGP, will join the company’s board of directors.’s unique, network-based data discovery allows the enterprise to identify, in a continuous, automated, and accurate manner, all data repositories inside the organization that store sensitive data such as PII, PHI and PCI-related, as well as the business processes that access, replicate, move and update such data repositories. This continuous discovery maps such business processes within the organization or across the organization’s perimeter to the cloud; thereby providing a holistic view of how sensitive information is used, while creating a master catalog, enabling heightened security and compliance with GDPR, CCPA, PCI, HIPAA, and other regulations.

Unlike other solutions that require human efforts and significant operational resources but yield only a partial and temporary view of protected data usage, automates security, and compliance requirements, and is not limited by the organizational “awareness” of where the data resides, nor by point-in-time assessment efforts. This provides a complete view of where an organization’s data resides, how it’s handled, accessed, and disseminated, and allows organizations to monitor compliance and security.

Inventa™,’s flagship solution, leverages network analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to continuously and accurately catalog a company’s customer data in near real-time. This includes structured and unstructured data, data at rest and data in motion, known data, and, most importantly, unknown data. Inventa also connects to a plethora of data sources, central filesystems, databases, NoSQL and SaaS solutions, and Amazon S3 buckets, helping solve one of today’s greatest cloud security challenges.

Inventa’s powerful automation provides a comprehensive view of customer data for maximum data quality and accuracy. Additionally, by eliminating the need for even partially manually protected data discovery and categorization, Inventa helps companies save time and money through reduced operational overhead. By delivering a continuously updated, holistic master data catalog, Inventa enhances enterprise requirements due to brand and privacy regulatory protection, business intelligence, and security protection.

Recently, won Gold for Best CCPA Compliance Solution in the 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards; and Silver in the 16th annual Info Security P.G.’s Global Excellence Awards for Startup of the Year in the Security software category.

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