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11-13 March at Brussels: Global Industry and Government Agency Leaders Convene to Navigate New Cybersecurity Regulations

February 2024 by Marc Jacob

Over 50 global experts from government and industry will address the 6th International Conference on the EU Cyber Security & Resilience Acts. The conference is set to bring together thought leaders, policymakers, and technologists from around the world to address the critical issues surrounding cybersecurity regulations. With attendees representing 27 countries, the EU Cyber Acts Conference has garnered widespread attention for its global perspective and growing significance.

Key Highlights of this year’s conference:

Diverse International Participation: The conference boasts a diverse and extensive attendee list, with participants hailing from 27 countries. Participating companies include: Apple, Cisco, Google, Oracle, Qualcomm, Siemens, STMicroelectronics, and more. This global participation underscores the global relevance of the discussions and collaborative efforts to address cybersecurity challenges.

Government Agency Perspectives: A lineup of 12 distinguished speakers, all from government agencies responsible for shaping cybersecurity regulations, will share valuable insights and strategies. Participating agencies include the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI), the European Commission, Rijksinspectie Digitale Infrastructuur (RDI), and the US National Security Agency (NSA)

Global Impact of EU Cybersecurity Regulations: The conference places a special emphasis on the impact of cybersecurity regulations being established in the European Union. With these regulations poised to affect data product developers worldwide, the discussions will explore the implications and provide guidance for navigating the evolving landscape of cybersecurity compliance. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, attendees will be better equipped to navigate and adapt to the emerging regulatory landscape.

Special Focus on Generative AI: A full day of the conference will focus on the global development of cybersecurity certification frameworks tailored specifically for AI systems. Both the EU and the US are actively developing regulatory frameworks that will establish a set of common criteria, methodologies, and evaluation processes to assess the security and resilience of data products that incorporate AI technologies. AI Cyber Day will provide a detailed update and outlook on efforts to develop these frameworks.

The conference is designed to bring an independent, commercial perspective to the complex process of cybersecurity regulation. "These global technology players and agency representatives are often unaware of the perspectives of their colleagues in government and industry. We’re proud to bring them together in a forum that promotes productive discussions and collaborative planning," said Bill Rutledge, President and CEO of Cnxtd Event Media, the conference producer.

The EU Cyber Acts Conference is a pivotal moment for the global cybersecurity community, offering a unique opportunity for dialogue, collaboration, and proactive preparation. As cybersecurity regulations become increasingly interconnected on a global scale, the insights shared at this event will undoubtedly shape the future of cybersecurity practices.

For more information about the conference and to register, please visit

About The International Conference on the EU Cyber Security & Resilience Acts

The International Conference on the EU Cyber Security & Resilience Acts (EU Cyber Acts Conference) is a premier cybersecurity event hosted by Cnxtd Event Media, bringing together experts, policymakers, and industry leaders to address the challenges and opportunities in the evolving landscape of cybersecurity. Join us on 11-13 March at Brussels Marriott Hotel Grand Place for insightful discussions, interactive presentations, and networking opportunities.

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