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eshard partners with Open Security Research (OSR)

August 2018 by Marc Jacob

eshard as announced the launch of a new module for its esDynamic platform, the all-in-one software for cryptographic implementations analysis and transfer of technical know-how. The new SMx Algorithms module is developed in partnership with OSR, a leading Chinese security company based in Shenzhen and delivering security tools, testing and solutions.

eshard technology allows security experts to attack, pinpoint and refine the security of their products in a more efficient way, while ensuring them to build and share their knowledge internally. Focusing on addressing the Chinese security market with the best security testing tool, OSR partnered with eshard in 2017 and now supplies esDynamic platform to Chinese certification laboratories and developers of secure embedded devices. The Chinese ecosystem relies on specific Chinese crypto-algorithms, so-called SMx algorithms. To address this specific need, OSR and eshard jointly developed a dedicated module on esDynamic platform to educate industry on this algorithm and empower developers to analyze the security of its implementations.

OSR and eshard keep strengthening their partnership and developing more dedicated solutions for their customers.

Companies relying on cryptography to protect their assets need to understand possible vulnerabilities in their products. Side-channel analysis is however becoming more and more complex as various skills are needed, which are usually not in the same hands.

esDynamic Analyst Development Kit (ADK) platform is an eshard-developed all-in-one framework to perform in-depth security analyses in embedded systems and mobile applications. It aims at easing the teamwork of embedded security experts. esDynamic allows security experts to perform side-channel and binary analysis more efficiently – thus sparing their valuable time.

Featuring a comprehensive and user-friendly toolbox dedicated to security analysts, esDynamic modular architecture makes it possible to add new and custom features along the way. Side Channel Analysis is one of the available modules.

esDynamic side-channel analysis capabilities allow to conduct research or state-of-the-art analysis on sensitive codes, in a proper and efficient way, by providing analysis reports and documentation, including LaTeX, graphics and dynamic widgets. It supplies eshard’s best-in-class trace observation widget, which allows enhanced trace alignment. Powered with Side Channel Analysis, esDynamic is the fastest tool in the market for processing 1st and 2nd order statistical attacks (DPA, CPA, MIA) on all popular algorithms (DES, AES, RSA).

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