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WinMagic Releases SecureDoc Enterprise Server 8.3

February 2019 by Marc Jacob

WinMagic is announcing the availability of SecureDoc Enterprise Server 8.3. The latest release includes new product features and functionality as part of the tract of continuous experience improvements for SecureDoc users.

SecureDoc is able to manage operating system native software encryption (Windows, Apple and Linux), Self-Encrypting Drives and SecureDoc’s own FIPS 140-2 certified software encryption. The platform is compatible with the most advanced storage approaches and common operating systems, eliminating many of the common hassles associated with encryption management. In addition, SecureDoc’s PBConnex solution, a unique pre-boot network-based functionality which authenticates encrypted devices to the network before the operating system ever loads, ensures that data is never exposed without proper credentials being verified before the standard operating system log-in process.

SecureDoc 8.3 product enhancements include:

• Next-generation SecureDoc Enterprise Server Web console features an improved user interface and user experience, along with a more modern look and feel
• New and distinct encryption client for SecureDoc Linux on endpoints
• Enhanced deployment and manageability of VDI devices, including the ability to properly manage and organize non-persistent instances
• Improved device-based certificate trust capabilities for Windows devices
• Enhanced pre-boot authentication compatibility and endpoint deployment predictability for Windows systems
• Improved Removable Media Encryption for Mac devices provides a cleaner workflow and user experience
• Better deployment and user staging improvements for the SecureDoc Linux and OSA (Operating System Agnostic) clients

- Availability
WinMagic’s SecureDoc 8.3 is available directly from the company or through registered WinMagic Partners, worldwide.

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