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Western Digital’s IntelliFlash™ Family Achieves SAP HANA® Certification to Accelerate Real-Time Insights for Enterprise Customers

July 2019 by Pierre Kouliche

Western Digital announced that its IntelliFlash portfolio of all-flash arrays have achieved certification as an enterprise storage solution for the SAP HANA® platform. The IntelliFlash family of turnkey all-flash arrays enable businesses that use SAP HANA to reduce the cost of data processing, deliver non-stop analytics, and realize business results faster.

SAP HANA Customers Gain Performance, Efficiency and Flexibility for Running Business-Critical Applications and Real-Time Analytics on IntelliFlash All-Flash Arrays

Enterprises are increasingly relying on the SAP HANA platform to build, deploy and operate real-time predictive analytics applications for their business. As data sets continue to increase in size and importance, it is more critical than ever for organizations to continue to realize the value of their data and gain insights in real time. By combining the in-memory data processing capabilities of SAP HANA with the proven enterprise-class primary storage workflows of IntelliFlash all-flash systems, enterprise customers can scale the performance and efficiency of their analytics infrastructure for the next generation of application workloads.

Efficiency, High Throughput and Lower Latency Delivered on a Single Platform

Western Digital’s IntelliFlash family simplifies the storage and management of business-critical SAP HANA data, enabling enterprises to consolidate petabytes of data onto a single platform to maximize storage efficiency while delivering extreme throughput and low latency. Both online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) transactions can run in parallel on the same IntelliFlash array.

IntelliFlash NVMe™, All-flash Array, and Hybrid Flash Family

Western Digital’s IntelliFlash family provides turnkey solutions for customers seeking the combination of high performance, massive data consolidation, built-in disaster prevention, and simplified data management. The family includes one of the first unified, NVMe flash arrays, the IntelliFlash N-Series, which leverages the speed and efficiency of NVMe to deliver up to 3x the performance of non-NVMe all-flash arrays, with latency as low as 200 microseconds. All IntelliFlash arrays place fast data across multiple grades of flash storage media for maximum performance acceleration and consistent responsiveness. With an extensive set of data services powered by IntelliFlash OS 3.9, including inline compression and deduplication, along with native support for SAN and NAS protocols, IntelliFlash arrays have been deployed at thousands of customer sites worldwide to accelerate applications common in transaction processing, real-time analytics, databases, virtualization, and file services workloads. The IntelliFlash family comes in a range of effective capacity points up to 1.3PB1,2.

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