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UNIVERSUM Group partners with RISK IDENT to enhance fraud prevention

June 2018 by Marc Jacob

Effective immediately, RISK IDENT’s proprietary anti-fraud technology, FRIDA, will enable the UNIVERSUM Group to better protect its retailers from online fraud, evaluating every incoming transaction for various fraud patterns. By automatically linking and interpreting data in real time, transactions suspected of fraud are identified based on accountable evaluations and can be stopped immediately. Self-learning algorithms also detect new fraud scenarios before they become a threat to the respective online merchant, helping stop future fraud.

In addition to evaluating individual transactions, the UNIVERSUM Group will also be deploying DEVICE IDENT to identify each end device used to place orders, based on its unique features. The device fingerprinting technology is then able to establish an even more efficient connection between fraudulent transactions.

The integration is simple for UNIVERSUM Group customers, as no software needs to be installed. The DEVICE IDENT code snippet is integrated within the checkout, allowing devices to be analyzed in the background in real time, using the latest technologies.

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