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Systancia announces the acquisition of IPdiva

December 2013 by Marc Jacob

Systancia, publisher of the desktop virtualisation and application centralisation solution AppliDis acquires the company IPdiva, a publisher recognised in securing, monitoring and traceability access in application form (VPN SSL).

Nowadays all public and private entities (companies, authorities, hospitals…) question how to better protect their information systems in the face of diversity by means of access and the more effective proliferation threats out there.

At the same time, widespread IT virtualisation applications and desktops allow the development of new simpler, yet more efficient uses for their users, such as BYOD (Bring You Own Device), while representing strong economic sources.

With the acquisition of IPdiva, Systancia positions itself on the market with the first European solution that offers a highly secured access to any application, any job and any data from any place on any device. In addition, this security shall be in accordance with the control and traceability requirements for even the most sensitive of contexts.

This merger accelerates Systancia’s strategy to be a key player in the immediate and secures access to information resource systems:

- For clients by providing a full range enabling them to provide enhanced security, applications, desktops and data relating to and irrespective of usage contexts including external mobility situations.
- For partners hosting cloud options by providing a coherent and integrated offer for secure publishing of applications and virtualised desktops, according to the strong demand for traceability, availability and performance criteria.
- And finally for users of its solutions being compatible with their diverse devices for access (including BYOD known for their simplicity).

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