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SureCloud Launches Information Security Management System Suite (ISMS)

February 2018 by Marc Jacob

SureCloud announced the launch of its Information Security Management System (ISMS) Suite that simplifies the ISO 27001 certification process.

The solution, built on SureCloud’s cloud-based Platform, establishes a centralized point of administration for an ISMS and preceding certification program, providing in-depth insights to achieve and maintain compliance with the ISO 27001 standard. The comprehensive out-of-the-box solution automates and simplifies the requirements and reduces the effort in achieving ISO 27001 certification, featuring eight applications that address the entire process.

Key applications and features include:

• ISO27k Program Tracker: Identifies gaps in the organization’s information security controls for Clauses and Annex A requirements alike, assigning and facilitating corrective actions throughout the implementation program, with an eye on overall compliance.

• ISMS Controls: Covering all key areas: objectives; roles and responsibilities; framework overview; Statement of Applicability; performance monitoring; centralized actions; and an overview of employee skills and training.

• Compliance Manager: Ensures ongoing compliance with an automated process to manage, action, spot check and report on controls within the organization.

• Risk Manager: Facilitates information-based decision making and continuous improvement of security activities. The profiling tool pinpoints the assets vulnerable to a specific threat actor and the actor’s compromise methods.

• Incident Manager: Logs and tracks issues and incidents, providing structured escalation and approval workflows, automatically notifying key parties when necessary.

• Audit Manager: Manages the Audit Universe, demonstrating strategic long-term assurance focus, delivering tactical management of annual audit activities, sourcing and timing.

• Policy Manager: Aligns policies, processes and procedures to operational controls, managing the full policy lifecycle.

• Information Asset Manager: Catalogues information assets and their encompassed data, providing privacy classification and CIA assessment.

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