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Rapid7 Brings Security Orchestration and Automation Capabilities to its Insight Platform

September 2018 by Marc Jacob

Rapid7, Inc. announced the upcoming availability of InsightConnect, a security orchestration and automation solution that helps security teams reduce manual workloads, create efficiency without sacrificing control, and work more effectively with IT and development teams.

Rapid7 also announced today that its vulnerability management (InsightVM) and incident detection and response (InsightIDR) solutions will include pre-built automation functionality for some of the most common use cases so that customers can begin benefitting immediately. From within those solutions, customers could then implement orchestration and automation processes for threat containment, vulnerability remediation, case management, and more.

Automate to Accelerate As security teams continue to evolve, adapt, and innovate at a rapid rate, the struggle to balance increasing workloads with limited resources, complex ecosystems, and rising threats has never been greater. Orchestration and automation help these teams improve their security posture and create efficiency without sacrificing control of important security and IT processes.

InsightConnect and the automation capabilities that will be available in InsightIDR and InsightVM leverage technology from Komand, which Rapid7 acquired in July 2017.

Using InsightConnect

Implementing InsightConnect’s orchestration and automation workflows makes it simple for organizations to connect tools, streamline processes, and accelerate daily security operations — no code required. Built with security, IT, and development in mind, InsightConnect has a wealth of potential use cases and benefits, all depending on the technologies, processes, and people you want to connect. Examples include:

• Seamless connection to existing security, IT, and development tools — Connect your already-deployed solutions using our library of more than 200 plugins, or import your own.
• Simplified vulnerability remediation — Orchestrate a vulnerability patching process from notification to remediation to ensure critical issues are being addressed before the moment of impact.
• Threat detection, containment, and response — Contain threats by connecting threat detection processes to containments actions. Respond to threats faster by automating enrichment tasks to identify suspicious malware, domains, and other indicators of attack.
• Automation for IT teams — Automate the process of creating and populating service desk tickets with the relevant information needed for the IT team to take action on vulnerabilities, threats, and misconfigurations.

Experiencing InsightConnect

InsightConnect and the automation functionality within InsightVM and InsightIDR will begin its global rollout in October 2018 and continue through early 2019. Rapid7 is hosting a live kickoff event today in Boston. Join the livestream at 10:00 a.m. ET from anywhere in the world to hear Chief Executive Officer Corey Thomas, Chief Product Officer Lee Weiner, and other Rapid7 leaders outline the exciting security orchestration and automation capabilities coming to the Rapid7 Insight platform.

The Company will also be hosting a series of workshops in cities around the US and Europe for those who are interested in these orchestration and automation capabilities.

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