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REAL GDPR Software: the new personal data compliance software

May 2018 by Marc Jacob

Every day sees new warnings about people’s data security in the media. While Facebook is currently under duress after the poor personal data management of their users was revealed, enterprises have the paramount obligation to adopt measures in order to guarantee data security.

On the brink of the General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect, which is applicable across Europe, sister companies REVER and GEOLSemantics announce the release of their REAL GDPR Software solution.

Corporate data protection : new regulation ahead

The new European regulation titled « GDPR » for General Data Protection Regulation (starting from 25 May 2018), is going to shake the world of data governance in the professional environment. The regulation’s aim is to precisely frame how organizations in Europe – and in the rest of the world if they store data of EU citizens – will handle the private data of individuals with whom they have a relationship: customers, subcontractors, personnel...

Voted by Brussels and applicable in all 28 member countries of the European Union, GDPR has an even broader scope since it imposes its conditions on all international structures using data of European citizens on a large scale. The public sector and most of the private sector are thereby concerned by the regulation, from startups to SMEs to larger groups.

This new regulation among other things imposes to companies a new obligation called « the rights of the data subject » combining the right of information, right of access, right of rectification and right of deletion. In reality, every individual will be able to require from an enterprise that they provide all the information they have about him/her.

To answer this regulatory requirement, every enterprise dealing with European citizens will need to be able to identify and localize the data of these individuals in all of their information systems: databases, documents and various webforms…

Companies REVER and GEOLSemantics are ready to launch their software which deals with GDPR compliance: REAL GDPR Software.

What can REAL GDPR Software do for enterprises?

For the enterprises used to accumulating all those data for years, especially in the context of big data, with no concern as to their location and multiple uses, the advent of this new regulation is a real challenge to take on. Surrounded by data scattered in different silos that in time became obscure and often incomprehensible, they suspected the arrival of new measures without understanding the real requirements involved.

By imposing control over data, GDPR gives enterprises the opportunity to regain control of personal data on one hand and implement governance of all their information assets on the other. Governance is the key condition that must be satisfied by the enterprise to create digital trust towards its stakeholders.

However, compliance requires a multidisciplinary approach involving lawyers, database specialists and unstructured information specialists…

It is in this perspective that Rever and GEOLSemantics joined forces with third partner ActeCil, each bringing their skills, in order to give birth to a brand new type of software able to face the many challenges of GDPR: REAL GDPR Software.

REAL GDPR Software: strong link for digital trust

Concretely speaking, REAL GDPR Software is meant to help the Data Protection Officer of the enterprise in his/her compliance tasks and in producing a processing register. « RGS » links the legal, technical and business departments inside organizations since each of them is concerned by GDPR. The software allows them to automatically identify the personal data in information systems and also to create the processing register.

The « RGS » software suite was designed and developed to facilitate, simplify and maintain the implementation of GDPR in organizations. It will considerably speed up and mitigate the compliance process by building a personal data repository, then using the information contained in this reference system to manage various obligations:

- The respect of the rights of the people concerned

- The reporting to the national authorities

- The protection of personal data against any loss, theft or misuse

The performance of a unique solution on the market

From an organizational point of view: « RGS » covers legal, business and IT aspects.

From a functional point of view: The proposed tools cover the features required by GDPR: processing register, rights of the individuals, data inventory, technical process inventory, data protection, content auditing, Privacy by (re)design.

From a technological point of view: The proposed tools cover all types of data whatever technology is used, data appearing in screens (SaaS applications) and data contained in texts.

REAL GDPR Software goes even further by analyzing the content of texts in order to identify, standardize and structure relevant information related to identified or identifiable individuals. This may involve free comments in databases or any type of text (reports, correspondence based on access rights, etc.) that evoke one or more identified individuals.

The software allows companies to resist against the loss of data control in one single solution.

Based on advanced technologies of semantic profiling, this automated analysis engine supports:

• An optimal identification of individuals mentioned in texts.
• The relationship building between these individuals and the comments made about them.
• The classification of personal data, as stated in the regulations and according to the nature of the data.
• The discovery of inappropriate comments about individuals.

Zoom on the two versions of REAL GDPR Software

« RGS » comes in two versions: the « RGS Express » version and the « RGS Enterprise » version. Both versions are available as standard for relational databases. The « RGS Enterprise » version is also available as an option for NO SQL and Legacy systems.

1. The « RGS Express » solution has been conceived for SMEs in need of a complete solution for the compliance of their enterprise. « RGS Express » consists of a limited number of users and servers as well as a defined set of tables, covering the needs of most SMEs.

2. The « RGS Enterprise » solution is a scalable version for large companies and includes all the standard modules shown in the diagram plus an additional number of optional modules and features. The solution adapts exactly to the specificities and characteristics of the company.

REAL GDPR Software is meant to rapidly evolve in order to offer new features of data governance that will go beyond responding to the sole problem of GDPR.

Two development directions are mainly set by GEOLSemantics: the addition of new languages such as English, German, Italian and Spanish on the one hand, and the introduction of an automatic classification system and secure storage of documents on the other hand.

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