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Intezer Launches Community Edition of Cloud-Based Intezer Analyze™

November 2017 by Marc Jacob

Intezer announced the launch of the community edition of its Cloud-based Intezer Analyze™ malware detection and analysis product. The free community edition allows up to 10 file uploads per day, providing cyber-security professionals a taste of the astonishingly rapid and comprehensive malware detection and analysis enjoyed by users of the enterprise edition.

Intezer Analyze™ is designed by members of the infosec community for the infosec community, and uses the company’s Code Intelligence™ technology to deal with threats. This DNA mapping for software enables the analysis and identification of the origins of every minute piece of code, within seconds for comparison against Intezer’s Genome Database. The database contains billions of code pieces, or genes, from legitimate as well as malicious software, to enable the detection of code reuse and similarities on an unprecedented scale.

Key among the benefits of Intezer Analyze™ are its ability to:

Provide APT Detection from known malware through the latest, most sophisticated APTS.
Provide threat actor classification by pinpointing the author of new malware.
Reduce false positives by recognizing code from legitimate software sources.
Provide memory analysis of entire memory dumps, process dumps and even fileless code dumped from memory.
Accelerate reverse engineering by preventing the re-analysis of code already identified in previously seen software or malware.
Integrate quickly and easily with an enterprise’s existing automation processes.

Intezer Analyze™ is a subscription-based SaaS product that requires no onsite deployment. An intuitive interface and simple API access are moreover hallmarks of what is essentially a plug-and-play solution for any process within an organization’s incident response plans or daily cyber monitoring.

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