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Information Security Forum Expands International Consultancy Services

June 2019 by Patrick LEBRETON

Award-Winning Consultancy Services Provide Tailored, Pragmatic Support, Translating Technical Insight into Clear Business-Focused Guidance

The Information Security Forum (ISF), trusted resource for executives and board members on cyber security and risk management, today announced the expansion of the organization’s global Consultancy Services, which offer short-term, professional counsel to support the implementation of ISF resources and products. ISF Consultancy Services provide organizations with a variety of business solutions which are tailored to meet today’s immediate business requirements. Consultants provide customized, professional support and training to strengthen an organization’s cyber resilience and information risk management needs.

The latest ISF Consultancy Services include:

Threat Horizon: a structured scenario planning exercise for your organization’s leadership team. Designed to produce a customized, forward looking Threat Horizon scenario for your organization, businesses gain early insight into approaching threats, shared awareness within the business of future threats and a set of tailored recommendations for mitigation.

Security Health Check: a strategic, practical assessment that measures your organization’s ability to protect against current and expected threats and, aligns security controls to your organisation’s risk appetite. Based on the unique ISF Benchmark tool, the Health Check measures performance against any or all the ISF’s 17 categories of information security along with recognized global standards and frameworks such as ISO and NIST and allows organizations to compare the results with industry peers.

Cyber Security Exercise: immerses teams in a realistic, tailored cyber-attack scenario, testing an organization’s ability to detect, investigate, and respond to cyber-attacks in a timely and effective manner. The ISF Consultancy team leverages a wealth of independent, information security expertise, practical tools such as the annual ISF Threat Horizon forecast, and experience with diverse global organizations, to design and deliver a personalized, Cyber Security Exercise.

Where organizations lack the time, resources or in-house expertise to demonstrate the significance of information security to the business or to deliver a business essential project, ISF Consultancy Services provide independent and objective guidance, support and training. Through ISF Consultancy Services, the ISF can better support global business leaders and information security professionals to build and embed cyber resilience in their organizational structure, planning processes, information risk management and information security initiatives. ISF Consultancy Services bring real-world expertise that reflects proven practices from the world’s leading organizations. These professional services provide businesses with customized professional support and training to strengthen their organization’s cyber resilience and improve their security posture while responding to today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape.

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