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Fujitsu’s global "The Digital PACT" survey on UK businesses - Insight UK comment

October 2017 by Alex Guillen Estudillo, Go to Market Marketing Manager for Insight UK

Fujitsu has launched its global survey ‘The Digital PACT’. The survey found that 42% of UK businesses have cancelled digital projects in the last two years, at an average loss of £483,690 per project – a bigger cost than any of their global counterparts including the US, China and Germany.

In response to this, Alex Guillen Estudillo, Go to Market Marketing Manager for Insight UK has provided a comment on this:

“At a time when businesses are consistently talking about driving efficiencies and running projects as tightly as possible, the £555,000 average cost of a failed IT project is frankly alarming. Businesses clearly understand the transformative power of technology, but the fact that they’re struggling to adapt to a world driven by technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) must be a cause for concern.

“It’s not all doom and gloom, however. We’ve seen many organisations already using AI solutions to automate repetitive operations to drive efficiencies and to free up resources to invest in more valuable activities. The examples are there for others to learn from – this could be using saving to invest in product development or customer services.

“Whether a large corporate entity or a small business, it’s critical for organisations to seek the support they need to understand how technology is disrupting their industry and can transform their business.”

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