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Fujitsu comments on new report which finds most UK retailers plan to up cyber security

December 2018 by Rob Norris, VP Head of Enterprise & Cyber Security, Fujitsu EMEIA

In light of the festive season, you might have seen a new report has come out which has found that the majority of UK retailers are planning to increase cyber security measures during the Christmas season.

The commentary, Rob Norris, VP of Enterprise Cyber Security, Fujitsu EMEIA has shared his thoughts:

“At a time when we are after the best deal or the best price, security of personal information is often considered an after-thought or a ‘bolt-on’, as opposed to something that is baked into our online shopping behaviours. That’s why its hugely promising that a new report has found retailers are taking steps to protect personal information at a time where cyber scammers and hackers are searching for their ‘Christmas’ deal on our personal data and information.

“However, because technical controls can only go so far to protect data, the responsibility shouldn’t rely on organisations solely: consumers also have an obligation to be aware and vigilant to protect their data.

“Phishing attacks increase significantly during the festive season, which means customers are more at risk to email, text and social media scams than ever before. While it’s easy for customers to get distracted by Christmas activities, organisations need to do more to alert and educate them on simple best practices, such as recognising deals that might be “too good to be true” or using public Wi-Fi networks with caution.

“In today’s digital world, no one is immune from data theft. Every day there is a new exploit or vulnerability and the security landscape is constantly evolving. This holiday season, scammers will be taking full advantage, which means organisations need to take a more holistic approach to protecting themselves, their employees, as well as customers. Retailers that show concern for the security of customer data and information will be the ones which benefit from increased customer loyalty and trust.”

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