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Etix Everywhere announces the launch of its 12th data center, HPC-dedicated and located in Sweden

May 2018 by Marc Jacob

Etix Everywhere, a global data center provider and operator, ArcticSites, a Swedish development agency and Diginex, a service provider for Distributed Ledger Technologies, announce that construction of Etix Jokkmokk #1, a colocation data center above the Arctic Circle in Sweden, has just started.

An efficient clean-energy data center for HPC

A year ago, Etix Everywhere and ArcticSites announced the start of the marketing process of the future data center. Thanks to Diginex, a customer that has recently booked 8 MW of colocation capacity, Etix Everywhere and ArticSites have been able to start the construction of the data center. Diginex was looking for substantial capacity in Europe to expand its network of data centers and grow its High-Performance Computing (HPC) business.

A great boost for the local economy

The data center is located in Jokkmokk, the second biggest municipality of Sweden. The mayor of the municipality, Robert Bernhardsson, welcomes the project as it will boost the local economy.
“Etix Everywhere committed to work with local and regional companies to build the data center.” stated Bernhardsson. “This cutting-edge infrastructure will not only create direct jobs, but also boost the digital ecosystem of the county.”
The construction is currently starting and the first phase of the facility will be live in only 3 months.
As the local and regional companies are going through a digital transformation, the infrastructure will also create indirect jobs in maintenance operations and digital services.

A new location to Etix Everywhere’s network of smart data centers

Etix Jokkmokk is the 12th data center being built by Etix Everywhere, and Sweden is the 6th country where the company opens an infrastructure after France, Morocco, Brazil, Belgium and Ghana.

This data center marks the next phase of Etix Everywhere’s expansion since Etix group announced a major capital increase for new edge data centers.

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