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EBRC accelerates the hybrid Cloud with InterCloud

January 2018 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

To unlock the full potential of the hybrid Cloud for its clients, EBRC - European Business Reliance Centre - is entering an alliance with InterCloud, a company specialised in ensuring the availability and security of data passing through public Clouds.

“Exponential digitalisation requires reliable and secure Cloud computing services that can ensure trust. With InterCloud, EBRC has found the ideal partner to complement its TrustedCloudEurope offer. Through this alliance with InterCloud, EBRC will extend its range of services and offer its clients simple and secure access to an ecosystem made up of the big global Cloud players in IaaS and SaaS”, says Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC.

“Companies have to ensure they can access the public Clouds in order to accelerate their development”, adds Jérôme Dilouya, CEO and founder of InterCloud. “Our clients, mostly big European multinationals, have adopted a ‘multi-Cloud’ approach to ensure they can take advantage of the best services for their business applications while minimising risks and reducing their dependence on the providers of Cloud solutions. First and foremost, they want to maintain the agility and flexibility needed to create a sharp digital business strategy. To achieve this challenge, InterCloud makes the public Cloud more secure and controllable.”

InterCloud has deployed its platform to smooth and secure the access to the main public Clouds. The Paris-based company ensures flexible and fast access to the Cloud. Thereby, InterCloud is responding to two challenges faced by today’s companies: ensuring that data sent to the Clouds is unaffected by threats and the inconsistency of the Internet; and transferring that data in a secure and efficient manner.

The Cloud infrastructure of EBRC’s “TrustedCloudEurope” is an ideal environment for companies who care about ensuring the conformity and security of their applications while maintaining the necessary agility for the digitalisation of their business. Beyond critical applications, individual components of applications can be optimised in the hyper Clouds Azure, AWS, Google and Oracle Cloud. This technological landscape is further enhanced by a whole ecosystem of SaaS solutions like Salesforce, Workday, Office365, Box, SAP Hana and others, through InterCloud’s contribution, with a security level matching EBRC’s requirements.

By linking EBRC to the InterCloud platform, all of InterCloud’s clients have easy and flexible access to EBRC’s catalogue of Cloud solutions.

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