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Device Authority Provides Robust IoT Security for 3D Systems’ Cloud-Based Service for 3D Printers

December 2018 by Marc Jacob

Device Authority announced its customer success story with 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) for their 3D Connect Service which uses a cloud-based connection for proactive and preventive support of 3D printers.

3D Systems realized they wanted to differentiate their products and services within a technology driven market. By taking a security first approach, and implementing KeyScaler, they have an exceptional product in a world of billions of connected devices – whereas other manufacturers may experience challenges when vulnerabilities cause downtime and IP/data theft. KeyScaler is an innovative platform that addresses core security vulnerabilities and delivers comprehensive IoT security automation at scale.

3D Systems utilizes PTC ThingWorx IoT platform for active system management, intelligent preventative maintenance, real time remote diagnosis, and proactive service. As Device Authority is a security partner of PTC, KeyScaler was selected by 3D Systems to protect and differentiate their products and services for customers across many industries, including healthcare, dental, automotive and aerospace.

Connected 3D printers allow businesses to gather data about how their products behave and use it to understand and predict future behaviors to maximize productivity and reduce downtime. However, with any IoT device, there are security challenges including device authentication/integrity and data and IP protection both in transit and at rest on devices and IoT platforms. For 3D Systems, a key challenge to address was a secure connection to the cloud. KeyScaler is used to authenticate the device that sends 3D printer data to and from the ThingWorx service, ensuring the security and integrity of that data. KeyScaler delivers the device and data trust capabilities for 3D Connect Service with the automation to manage this trust at scale.

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