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Coverity Releases New Version of Development Testing Platform

July 2013 by Marc Jacob

Coverity, Inc. announced the release of version 6.6 of the Coverity® Development Testing Platform, the company’s integrated suite of software testing technologies for identifying and remediating critical quality and security issues during development. The Coverity 6.6 platform offers a full range of new features and capabilities, including a patent-pending innovation in Coverity Test Advisor that helps developers prioritize which automated tests need to be run, along with the order they should be run, based on code criticality and risk, change impact and project priorities.

This innovation enables development teams to use their testing time wisely—aligned to where the risk is in the code.

Additional enhancements in Coverity 6.6 include:

• Policy management: Define and enforce code quality and security policies, tailored to specific business requirements and risk by component, development team or third party supplier. Customizable heat maps provide a more granular view of software risks through early warning of policy violations, so issues can be eliminated before they result in costlier, more time consuming problems further along in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

• Breadth and depth of code analysis: Ten new and enhanced analysis algorithms for finding critical quality and security defects in C/C++ and Java codebases with even greater accuracy. New algorithms include expanded coverage for OWASP Top 10 and CWE Top 25 issue detection in Java web applications.

• Platform and language support: Expanded support for popular languages and platforms including C++ 11 and MAC OS X version 10.8.

• Coverity Certified integrations: Integrations from new Coverity Certified Partners Black Duck Software and PRQA | Programming Research enable development teams to view their best of breed, third party analysis results alongside defects identified by the Coverity platform, in a unified SDLC workflow.

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