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Conteg - Global Success

February 2017 by Conteg

Conteg, spol. s r.o. is one of the largest manufacturers of IT racks and industrial enclosures, system solutions and services for data centres and industrial applications. The worldwide success of this manufacturer is illustrated by the fact that enclosures and racks bearing its logo are found in more than 70 countries across 4 continents. We spoke to the Managing Director of this dynamic company, Vít Voláček, about its new products and strategic direction.

"This year, the company celebrated its 17th anniversary, and in those years it has come a long way," says Vít Voláček. Initially offering simple IT racks in 1998, the company has significantly expanded its product portfolio, and we now manufacture and sell comprehensive solutions for data centres, including racks, monitoring and control systems, cable management, efficient cooling systems, intelligent power distribution, plus a wide range of accessories and related services. In addition to telecoms cabinets, our product line also includes cabinets for outdoor and industrial applications. "We provide our customers with sophisticated bespoke solutions, but we also sell day-to-day products (D2D)," says the Managing Director.

Vít Voláček - Managing Director of Conteg

In addition to offering comprehensive services, the company places great emphasis on continuous innovation in their product range. "New products and innovative solutions are offered to our customers on a continuous basis, therefore development is of prime importance in our company. I am glad that we can rely on top engineers in this area," emphasizes Vít Voláček. In 2012, Conteg launched a series of outdoor enclosures under the brand name outTEG, and a year later saw compact enclosures for industrial applications under the brand name inTEG. Managing Director Vít Voláček adds that although these were new markets, the company management is fully confident in the competitiveness of these products, in terms of both price and quality. "We have launched new products in the IT and other segments. To achieve the most efficient air flow through the cabinet, we developed a new type of door with high perforation of 86% while maintaining its original stiffness and strength. A new type of extrusions for our premium line of racks enables flexibility in the internal layout of IT equipment. With improved structural and technological components, we have achieved high frame rigidity, increasing the load capacity to 1500 kg," says the Managing Director.

IT racks door high perforation of 86%

In terms of solutions for data centres, the major innovation is the CoolTeg Plus unit, which uses the latest technologies and precision control systems for maximum efficiency. These air conditioning units are equipped with a modern communication interface which was developed based on the requirements of IT applications, and the units are suitable for energy-efficient cooling of server rooms and data centres of all types. This year we have launched CoolTop, a unique solution for data centre cooling. The family of CoolTop cooling units is specifically designed to be mounted on IT rack top covers in large data and server rooms. This unique solution takes up no floor space. "In the coming year, we are preparing more new products and innovations for our customers," explains the MD, summing up the company’s current and future offerings.

Datacentre installation of CoolTop cooling units

Production Capacity

In 2014, the company significantly expanded its production facility in Pelhřimov to more than 20,000 m². The entire production process, from sheet metal to finished enclosures, was fully automated, which allows material to flow smoothly between the different processes with minimal operator intervention. "However, in addition to our production capacity expansion, cutting-edge technologies allow us to keep pace with the most prestigious global competitors," adds Vit Voláček.

Conteg production plant in the Czech Republic

Our modern production line

Over the last two and a half years, Conteg has invested around 11 million euros in new production facilities, and particularly in innovative technologies. The company management is well aware of the need to adapt the production capacity and technology to new products and solutions, therefore it constantly expands and updates them. Within the Czech Republic, the company has manufacturing facilities in Pelhřimov, as mentioned earlier, and in Příbram, with the head office located in Prague. However, Conteg offices are dotted all over the world - particularly in Austria, Russia, Ukraine, France, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and numerous East Asian countries.

Our Advantage is Flexibility

Conteg’s biggest advantages are owning its own production facilities, and a wide network of offices and partners throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. As a result, the company is able to promptly respond to enquiries, whether from existing or potential customers, and can quickly customise its products to suit their specific needs. The company places great importance on following the latest trends and their application to its products and, by searching for new opportunities and markets, is able to remain a global leader in the field. "In order to compete with the other big players in the market, our products must demonstrate high quality over the long term at a competitive price. Our company’s aim is to remain a strong, stable, multinational manufacturer, free from dependence on a single market segment on one continent, since the situation in Europe at the moment is very competitive.

Datacentre installation of CoolTeg cooling units

Emphasis on Quality

We have always placed a great emphasis on quality to provide our customers with world-class products, services and solutions. At our manufacturing facility, we use only the latest technologies and highest quality components. Everything is made in the Czech Republic under the supervision of experienced engineers and inspectors in order to meet global quality standards. We strive to provide our customers with the highest possible added value. For this reason, Conteg adheres to the strict rules of the ISO 9001 quality management system. All of our products are subject to stringent testing to gain TÜV certificates.

The contained aisle solution

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