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CaaB Expands Cloud Tech Options for MSPs & VARs

June 2019 by Marc Jacob

CaaB expand their business opportunities and bottom line with a customizable, white-labeled global cloud infrastructure, has added more CPU hardware infrastructure options to allow MSPs to better serve specific client needs.

The new hardware options allow MSPs and their clients to choose the exact plans and price points they want, while enjoying additional savings unavailable from other cloud providers - CaaB does not charge for traffic, significantly reducing customers’ monthly bills.

CaaB is now offering four separate CPU options.

Type A, Availability CPUs, are targeted to general service applications like microservices, small-to-medium applications, development environments, and other server usage that doesn’t require guaranteed CPU resources. These are assigned to a non-dedicated physical CPU thread with no resources guaranteed with a range of 1 virtualCPU to 32 vCPUs. RAM is from 1GB to 128GB. Pricing varies based on the option chosen.

The other three CPU options are assigned to a dedicated physical CPU core with reserved resources guaranteed for general production usage, including supporting application, web, database, and storage servers; container node; and high-performance computing. RAM is from 1GB to 384GM, and vCPUs can range from one to 72. · Type B are general purpose CPUs · Type D CPUs are assigned to a dedicated physical CPU core of two threads with reserved resources guaranteed · Type T Burstable CPUs are to be used for short periods of time MSPs can offer geolocated cloud services from 13 data centers across four continents – North America, Asia, Europe, and Middle East – ensuring compliance with data privacy, retention, and backup regulations.

Using CaaB, MSPs, VARs, and other service providers can provision and migrate their clients to the cloud in a matter of minutes. CaaB delivers a fully automated, top-tier cloud management portal; 24/7 live support; ·unlimited cloud bandwidth, traffic and IOPS; customizable backend for business management; simple user interface and customizable packages; reliability, scalability, and easy implementation; disaster recovery planning capabilities and other advanced technical features.

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