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BioSec launches next generation workforce administration solution

October 2017 by Marc Jacob

Security company, BioSec Group Ltd. has shown that biometrics can be a key in almost every fields of life, even when it comes to workforce administration. The Hungarian group has launched an innovative workforce administration solution, which simplifies, secures and accelerates administration processes with the wave of the hand.

Called BS Talent+, the BioSec solution is based on one of the most secure biometric authentication solutions, palm vein recognition, which ensures next generation workforce management for any organisation, with a special regard to agencies with a large- and often changing workforce, such as security guards, hostesses and talents.

BS Talent+ combines ease of use, speed and convenience in a cost effective solution, which offers some extra features for both the organization and the employees. BioSec Group CEO, Péter Györgydeák told that their main goal was to put an end to complicated and time-consuming workforce administration with a win-win solution for everyone.

The company has reached its goal with BS Talent+, which ensures a brand new user experience for both sides. From job application to administration, authentication, working time recording and accounting, blacklisting, personal history of employees, personal authentication for security reasons, the BioSec system ensures simplified and faster processes in a high security level.

By using BS Talent+, employees are biometrically enrolled in the agency’s database, ensuring reliable and convenient workforce authentication in any future event. The situation is the same, when it comes to job application, which can be done simply via a mobile app, where employees can sign up for the preferred job(s) within a few seconds.

On the other hand, the organisation receives precise and up to date information about the workers at a given event, including work history and information on whether a person is actually listed in the event’s database of employees, has a valid license and not on the blacklist.

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