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Beyond Security’s High Accuracy Static Application Security Testing Tool beSOURCE® Named Hottest Products at RSA 2018

May 2018 by Marc Jacob

beSOURCE® was named as one of the hottest new cyber security products at the RSA 2018 in a list published by CSO Magazine. Beyond Security is a leading provider of automated security testing solutions including vulnerability management.

beSOURCE® is designed to be integrated at every step of the SDLC, which leads to fewer vulnerabilities, reduces fixes to older code, lowers costs and, most importantly, produces far more secure applications. It identifies security vulnerabilities in source code without code execution. It provides real-time feedback to developers on hidden code issues unknown to the development team.

“beSOURCE® is a highly accurate and easy to use static application security testing (SAST) solution that provides tools for identifying, tracking, security flaws such as security vulnerabilities, compliance issues in the source code” said Aviram Jenik, CEO and Co-Founder of Beyond Security. “It educates the developers, rather than just pointing out errors in their code. It guides them toward better coding practices and helps them understand the root cause of the security issues. “it’s an honor to have such a great recognition of the product we are extremely proud to have to offer to our customers” he added.

beSOURCE® is easy to deploy, configure and use; with its broad programming language support, wizard, role-based reporting and mentoring capability, it can be the ultimate tool for hardening and scaling applications from inside out. beSOURCE ®uses a compiler-free inspection engine and deploys comprehensive semantic analysis approach in identifying vulnerabilities and assisting the developers with both code quality and security remediation issues.

“beSOURCE® can efficiently fit into most aspects of software development lifecycle (SDLC) including code review and quality assurance. It seamlessly complements beSTORM ®, our market leading blackbox fuzzing solution” said Hamid Karimi, VP of Business Development at Beyond Security.

The first release of beSOURCE® provides a standalone developer solution, which will be followed by subsequent releases which will support enterprise and cloud deployments.

Beyond Security is a leading worldwide security solutions provider. It’s testing tools accurately assess and manage security weaknesses in networks, applications, industrial systems and networked software. Beyond Security’s product lines include, AVDS for network vulnerability management and beSTORM for software security testing, which can help secure network and applications and comply with the security policy requirements that exceeds industry and government standards.

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