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Argo Technologie SA Launches New Solution Stack to Meet Key GDPR Requirements

September 2017 by Marc Jacob

Argo Technologie has assembled, tested and pre-certified a best-in-class hardware and software solution designed to help organisations meet several of the key GDPR requirements while minimising disruption to critical applications and workflows.

The solution includes patented software developed by Index Engines, an information management company; Kaspersky Lab for security and policy enforcement; Argo Technologie petascale storage running on a hyper-converged infrastructure. The certified Argo Data Vault solution is deployed as a 12U rack installation and includes Bridgeworks WAN acceleration technology.

At the heart of the solution is technology from Index Engines, the fastest, most efficient enterprise-class indexing platform on the market. It provides search, reporting, disposition and preservation of unstructured user data across all tiers of storage, including legacy backup tapes. Files and email can be searched at the metadata level and through a variety of searches including full text, pattern and conceptual to meet the reporting and action requirements defined under GDPR. The solution runs on a Hyper-converged Cloud Platform with integrated infrastructure management and self-healing technology to ensure predictable performance, reliable disaster recovery, and efficient operations at lower cost. The stack is protected by Kaspersky Lab offering granular protection for the virtualized workloads with built–in anti-malware and IDS/IPS capabilities.

The created master index files needed to satisfy GDPR requirements are maintained on Argo Technologies Petascale storage which uses Argo Ethernet Storage Fabric (AESF) allowing the solution to scale performance and capacity to support multiple Petabyte storage pools through its parallel storage architecture.

Argo Data Vault is currently under evaluation by a tier-1 financial services organisation based in London and each vendor in the technology partnership is in the process of making the certified stack available to their respective sales channel partners.

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