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Acceptto Announces Integrations with Major, Global Cloud Software Providers

April 2019 by Marc Jacob

Acceptto, a provider of Cognitive Continuous Authentication, today announced the extension of its Cognitive Continuous AuthenticationTM eGuardian® platform with an end-to-end continuous multi-factor authentication (MFA) integration with leading cloud platforms such as Citrix Workspace, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, ServiceNow and VMWare. These integrations empower Acceptto to extend the Identity Access Management (IAM) ecosystem, offering enterprise users a plug and play, intelligent context-aware continuous authentication including post authorization with the most popular cloud software providers, streamlining out of the box integration.

Security and privacy breaches are extremely costly and have a significant impact on the brand equity of an organization. Current authentication solutions using rudimentary two-factor authentication (2FA) and MFA impose significant friction through a variety of temporary and binary controls that have all still proven ineffective safeguards against identity spoofing and even basic credential stuffing attacks. Acceptto brings continuous authentication to solutions that have historically used binary authentication, which only determines access and does not account for misuse of credentials once access is granted. Through the latest Acceptto integrated capabilities, these solutions can now deploy continuous authentication to ensure proper use of credentials throughout the entire session.

Using a mixture of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) powered expert systems and behavioral modeling, Acceptto delivers radically transformative technology to mitigate identity impersonation and access fraud while reducing friction for legitimate users, both for enterprise and consumer facing applications and services. At the core of the Cognitive Authentication™ platform is eGuardian®, the intelligent engine that drives the convergence of physical identity and digital user DNA towards the creation of a resilient immutable identity. The It’sMe™ single sign-on (SSO) solution for web, mobile and enterprise applications, relieves users from the challenges of passwords, eliminates the need for password resets and reuse, and neutralizes account takeovers. With Cognitive Authentication™, there is no need for a password, ever.

Acceptto is the industry’s first solution providing technology to develop a Biobehavioral™ authentication that continuously monitors and manages access to cyber resources.

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