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APWG eCrime 2018 on MAY 15, 16 & 17 in San Diego brings focus on cryptocurrency technology and automated detection and response approaches for fighting cybercrime

April 2018 by Marc Jacob

APWG’s Symposium on Electronic Crime Research (eCrime 2018) conference takes a keen focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies as the fastest-growing dimension of cybercrime today, reviewing research on criminal abuse of these technologies as well as criminal enterprises targeting cryptocurrency exchanges and users to steal Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO and other cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency related crime research to be presented in eCrime 2018’s program includes:

Blockchain as the dark-web command and control mechanism for cybercriminals The mutation and rise of bitcoin ransomware and crypto-mining malware Targeting schemes for stealing cryptocurrency with phishing and malware The year’s APWG eCrime conference also presents the latest research in the detection, investigation and programmatic suppression of cybercrime, including:

The effects of GDPR privacy regulations on defensive data exchange and cyber criminal investigations

The malicious application of machine-learning systems for cybercrime Behavioral and UX-related dimensions of cybercrime Law enforcement detection and take-down of fake online stores Automation of cybercrime detection and tracking schemes The economics and metrics of cybercrime and cybercrime defenses Cybercrime intelligence systems The APWG eCrime 2018 conference, comprised of the peer-reviewed research symposium and the APWG general members’ meeting, consists of 3 days of keynote presentations, technical and practical sessions, and interactive panels.

The program promotes a cross-fertilizing dialog between the academic and industrial research communities, financial services and cryptocurrency companies, security practitioners and law enforcement personnel to exchange ideas, experiences and lessons learned in all aspects of investigation, detection and programmatic suppression of electronic crime.

Proceedings of the symposium are published by the IEEE and accepted papers are archived in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. An index of papers accepted to the Symposium on Electronic Crime Research over the years is available here:

The symposium will be held between May 15 - 17, 2018 in San Diego (La Jolla), CA.

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