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1st Global Independent Immersion Cooling Laboratory dedicated to energy efficiency of Datacenters & smart cities

March 2019 by Marc Jacob

CoolLabs is the first modular “multi-climate” laboratory dedicated to energy conservation and digital heat transformation back into hot, cold and electricity energy. Equipped with performance measurement systems, carbon traceability of atmospheric and electromagnetic pollution, CoolLabs has been design to simulate, create, prototype and design all types of electronic projects based on Eco Conservation and Environmental Conservation.

It is enriched with a “smart cities” consulting & support offer. Connected to the Haute Savoie network of pollution monitoring, it allows measuring the possible polluting effects of Datacenter technologies in particular regarding the recombination formation of PM2.5 secondary fine particles gas. These particles less than 2.5 microns are now recognized as the most dangerous ones as they are able to cross alveolo-capillary barrier and invade the body permanently via blood network. Their monitoring is therefore essential in a confined environment.

The CoolLabs « LAB » is equipped with a clean room [Class 100 000] of +20 m² / 2,80m in height allowing to:
• Simulate all climatic conditions that can accept any “workload” customers in the requested conditions by using 3 product finishes (non-isolated, isolated, isothermal).
• Test energy transfers & performances.
• Test materials adaptation & performance.
• Test the chemical reactions and compatibilities as well as the possible formation of secondary fine particles by chemical recombination of the emitted gases, some of which are greenhouse gases.
• Measure the level of air pollution.
• Test and Innovate on the means and processes of Digital Energy Transformation.
• Measure electromagnetic radiations & electromagnetic bio-management
• Measure network and processor performance.
• Measure code optimization.
• Prototype cooling systems for all types of on-board electronic equipment or SCADA such as the PUE 1.0 program.
• Validate deployment solutions and models for smart cities.

In parallel, LAB’s DIGITAL energy will be used to air-condition and monitor air quality, all managed by an intelligent BMS (Building Management System) integrating all types of energy sources including DIGITAL wasted heat energy.

CoolLabs is the first independent laboratory of its kind dedicated to energy efficiency research for Datacenters and electronics in general, with permanent control of radiation and ambient air.

About Pollutrack: First Pollution Hot Spot Tracker of history, Pollutrack combines a dense tissue of laser sensors with a mesh of fixed stations to ensure the quality control of mobile sensors as they pass by. Pollutrack allows to monitor and compare air quality with all the values found in the city, the municipality, the department… Pollutrack now covers for the first time a mountain department: Haute-Savoie.

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